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Chimney Cleaning


A1 Naas Contract Cleaning provides a comprehensive chimney cleaning service to clients within the Naas, Maynooth and Celbridge locales. We clean chimneys and also clean stoves for clients. The build-up of soot can create a significant risk of fire in a property. A1 Naas Contract Cleaning removes all soot and cleans your chimney or stove efficiently and quickly. Our service is extremely tidy leaving your home as we found it after a successful cleaning. Our expert team recommend you clean your chimney annually and are always available to customers who want their chimney or stove cleaned by the very best.

chimney cleaning

Do you require a comprehensive cleaning of your stove or chimney? Then get in contact with A1 Naas Contract Cleaning today.

Chimney Inspections

Has your chimney begun to show signs of excessive wear and tear? Has a company recommended a service but you’re not completely convinced? Then get in contact with A1 Naas Contract Cleaning now. Our chimney inspection service uses the latest in camera technology to inspect chimneys for possible faults. With 30 years of experience, we know the common issues that arise within chimneys and know the signs to look for. After an inspection, our trusted team are able to advise clients on what the best course of action is. In the event that repairs are needed, we’re able to recommend a range of trusted 3rd party companies to carry out any necessary chimney repairs.

Do you want your chimney inspected by Naas’s most trusted chimney inspection company? Then get in contact with A1 Naas Contract Cleaning today.

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