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Home Maintenance


Are you a landlord with one or multiple properties? Do you need your property or properties professionally cleaned in preparation for a new client? Then get in contact with A1 Naas Contract Cleaning today. With over 30 years of experience in providing only the very highest of professional standards in property cleaning, A1 Naas Contract Cleaning ensures customers one of the best cleaning services available.
Our professional team of cleaners enter a property and are able to clean every nook and cranny. Our service covers:

Window Cleaning
Carpet Cleaning
Deep Kitchen Clean and disinfect
Deep Toilet Clean and disinfect

These and a range of other services are offered by our professional team. We’re available to landlords with a single or multiple properties.


Does your property for rent require a deep clean in preparation for a new tenant? Then get in contact with A1 Naas Contract Cleaning today.

A1 Naas Contract Cleaning’s Professional Home Maintenance Service

Our professional service involves both cleaning and making small scale repairs where ever necessary. Our team of professionals thoroughly inspect your rental property checking for any issues beyond mere wear and tear. After the cleaning, we report any issues that may be a problem for the incoming tenant to the landlord and the landlord is then able to decide what action should be undertaken.

home maintenance

Do you want your property cleaned and inspected by the home maintenance experts? Then get in contact with A1 Naas Contract Cleaning now.

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